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L'Architecture du Goût


Brief:                                                                                Michelin wanted a film that would celebrate the sometimes underrated skills of pastry chefs; and also highlight their partnership with Valrhona chocolate.  

Solution:                                                                            Great pastry chefs and great architects have a lot in common. Both combine imagination with technical know-how and precision to create beautiful structures that improve our quality of life.

Our film celebrates their talent through one of the building blocks of gourmet architecture - Valrhona chocolate.   

Result:                                                                                The short film was premiered at the Michelin Guide France 2019 launch event, to the nation's best chefs. Valrhona were thrilled with the film and it helped to draw in tens of thousands of viewers to Michelin's live Facebook broadcast.

One Giant created a distinctive film that perfectly fulfilled our brief and delighted our audience. The process was pleasurable and collaborative too.

Camille Jullien
Michelin Guide France
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